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Ramsey Frazier, St. Anthony's Triathlon

Thank you for supporting me in my athletic endeavors for an incredible cause.

 Team-in-Training is an organization that helps support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 75% of all the money I raise will go directly to research, patient aid, advocacy, education, and community service. Cancer has touched all of us in different ways. Your support serves as a tribute to those we have lost and helps continue the fight against cancer's devastating effects.

 Thank you again for joining me in this challenge.

Ramsey's St. Anthony's Triathlon Training Journal

APRIL 27th, 2003:
Ramsey finished the St. Anthony's Triathlon in 3:04:42!


February 22, 2003: At least it isn't freezing. Finally excited to try out my bike in 40 degree weather, the pouring rain led me back to my running shoes again. I felt a little slow but I so much prefer the rain to the freezing cold. A quick 7.5 miles later I headed home and then up to White Plains for a visit with my nephews. My back/hip feels much better. Maybe finally physical therapy is starting the pay off!

February 19, 2003: Worked late Tuesday so I made it a double workout again. An hour run in the morning followed by swimming Wednesday night. 25 min. swim time trial today. I can't believe how much longer I can swim than when I started. It isn't easy but it has been a lot of fun.

February 16, 2003: Class with Heidi. I've been fighting a bit of a head cold, so it's looking like a little R&R is in order so I can be in good shape for Tuesday.

February 15, 2003: 22 degrees. Nothing like hill repeats on the Great Hill to make you feel like you've really worked out. Running is going really well but I need to get moving on the biking and swimming.

February 13, 2003: TNT Social. A little party to help make up for the lack of socializing (due to the cold weather). It was good to meet more people. Peter has been traveling but I did meet a woman named Rachel who lives near me. I think I may have found a good biking buddy, assuming it ever gets warm enough to bike!

February 9, 2003: A quick run and then my weekly total body conditioning class with Heidi. Things have been very busy but I've been enjoying myself and I'm getting in shape!

February 8, 2003: It was supposed to be the first bike but at 19 degrees, the gym was calling my name. The physical therapist has been working on my hip. She's loosening everything up which is unfortunately making it hurt more but she assures me I'll be fine and in working condition in time for the TRI.

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February 5, 2003: Unfortunately, it is looking bad for the weekend bike. The weather is supposed to be very cold and there's a chance of snow on Friday. The swim was good. It-s amazing how much better I feel after a warm up. We had a twenty-minute time-trial today and started in our lanes all together. It was crazy. It is supposed to simulate the actual race. It is wild to swim and have legs kicking all over the place and arms hitting your feet. I'm glad we're practicing this because it would definitely throw me if the first time were race day.

February 4, 2003:  I missed the group workout because I was working late so instead I headed to the gym at 7:30pm and ran six miles doing some speed work and hill training. Not quite the same as being outside but the best I could do.

February 2, 2003:  A short bike and then a total body conditioning class at New York Sports Club. I'm looking forward to a warmer week and our first outdoor bike next Saturday! I also submitted my first batch of checks to Paycor. I'm almost one quarter of the way to my fundraising goal! Thanks to everyone for their support!

February 1, 2003: Long-Slow-Distance run starting at 7:30 am. Finally my ideal running weather: About 40 degrees (compared to the 15 degrees it's been) and misting. I had my ultimate pre-running meal last night (salmon and pasta) and had a great 7.2-mile run. I'm having a little hip issue but I've been going to a physical therapist and she said it was fine to keep training. Hopefully everything will be fixed soon.

January 29, 2003: I had to work late last night so I got up at 6am to do my running workout which consisted of a little over 5 miles on the treadmill including a couple of hills and changes in pace. The run went well but it always is easier running on a treadmill, as opposed to outside. I made it through another very long day at work just in time to get to the TNT swim workout at 8:30pm. I'm not sure I'll ever master the technique but my friend Deb reassures me that I'll be able to swim the mile. On the 50-meter pool it's only 15 complete laps which I should be able to do in under 45 min. Of course, with minimal ocean swimming experience, who knows what it will actually be like. Apparently salt-water increases your buoyancy, thank goodness!


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