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I have undertaken another endurance event—this time a triathlon. Unlike my previous marathons, this event requires much more then just running. I will be swimming a mile, then biking 25 miles and finally running six miles -- all in the course of one morning and on the wonderful beaches of Long Island, New York. The June 7th, 2003 event is the Mighty Montauk Triathlon.

But, this event is a little different for me. Sure, I have done endurance events before! Certainly four marathons and numerous other races would count as tough both mentally and physically. And, I have raised money for the Leukemia Society and the American Cancer Society. However, this race is for a friend.

efe.jpg (77364 bytes)

Wrapped with friends at the NYC Marathon 2002 - Eliana Agudelo (left) and Frannie Mendlow (center)

Last fall, I ran the New York City Marathon for the Leukemia Society. My honored patient was a woman named Dina. She and I became friends during my training regiment. She was at all the races in Central Park, emailed the team on her progress, and even joined some of us in Washington DC as we went to watch and cheer on some friends in the Marine Corps Marathon

But, Dina and I became friends more because of what we had in common.

Like me, Dina is in her early 30’s and, a career minded gal living in the city. And, like many of my friends, and most married couples in their early 30’s, Dina and her husband were preparing to have a family—so we used to chat about all our friends who were having all sorts of kids. Fun right? She and I ironically had mutual friends and became even closer when we bumped into each other at a book club meeting.

But, Dina is far from living a "normal life." Our lives are so vastly different. She goes to chemotherapy weekly, and once told me, "I feel like I am living the life of a 70 year-old, not a 32- year old. While I am suppose to be enjoying my husband, and having babies, I am instead writing my will and watching my hair fall out."

So, once again, I am doing another event through Team In Training. And, this event is for Dina, my friend. Not, just a nameless, faceless victim of cancer, but my friend who I see every month at the book club, my friend who I see at road races during the weekends, and, my friend who I will hopefully see at the finish line at the triathlon in Montauk.

theend.jpg (111977 bytes)

At the finish of the 2002 NYC Marathon with Eliana

coach.jpg (45785 bytes)

All smiles before the the NYC Marathon with my coach Ramon Bermo and friend Meredith Shirey

I have committed to raising $2,600, and I need your help. I know this is a tough economic time, and so many of you are strapped for money and have lost your jobs. But, if everyone sent just $10 or $20, I bet you could help me actually do this for Dina. She is in desperate need of getting help to try a new cancer drug. I want to help make that happen for her.

I am asking you to support my personal fundraising efforts in support of our mission to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma.

My goal by June 1st is to raise $2,900! No donation is too small. By supporting my efforts, you are doing something incredibly special that means so much not only to me, but also to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. 

- Erin Farrell

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Headed to the start of the NYC Marathon with Frannie (left) and Eliana (right)

family.jpg (136007 bytes)

All smiles after running the NYC Marathon with my family - (from the left) my mom and dad, brother John, me, my sister Shannon and her husband Jay, and my brother Patrick

friends.jpg (75935 bytes)

With our NYC Marathon medals - me, Meredith, and Eliana


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